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IOMP COUNCIL:2015-2018

Ex-Officio   Name
President P Dr Slavik Tabakov  
Vice President V-P Dr Madan Rehani  
Past President IPP Dr. K Y Cheung  
Secretary-General S-G Dr Virginia Tsapaki
Treasurer Tr. Dr Anchali Krisanachinda  
ETC - Chair ETC Dr John Damilakis
Science Com - Chair SC Prof. Geoffrey Ibbott
PRC-Chair PRC Dr. Yakov Pipman
Fin. Sub Com-Chair Finance Dr Anchali Krisanachinda
His. Sub Com-Chair History Dr. K Y Cheung
Rules Committee Chair RC Dr Madan Rehani
Awards & Honours Chair AHC Dr. Simone Kudlulovic Renha
Publication Com-Chair PC Dr Tae Suk Suh
Past Secretary General Former S-G Dr Madan Rehani
Editor MPW MPW Dr Magdalena Stoeva
Regional Federations   Council Member
EFOMP Delegate 1 EFOMP 1 Dott. Marco Brambilla
EFOMP Delegate 2 EFOMP 2 Prof. John Damilakis
ALFIM Delegate 1 ALFIM 1Simone Kodlulovich
ALFIM Delegate 2 ALFIM 2 Sandra Guzman
AFOMP Delegate 1 AFOMP1 Kwan-Hoong Ng
AFOMP Delegate 2 AFOMP 2 Dr Kiyonari Inamura
SEAFOMP Delegate 1 SEAFOMP 1 James C. Lee  
SEAFOMP Delegate 2 SEAFOMP 2 Dr Anchali Krisanachinda  
MEFOMP Delegate 1 MEFOMP 1 Jamila Salem Alsuwaidi
MEFOMP Delegate 2 MEFOMP 2 Lama Sakhnini
FAMPO Delegate 1 FAMPO 1 Dr Taofeeq A Ige
FAMPO Delegate 2 FAMPO 2 Dr Ahmed Ibn Seddik


Notes: Chair of Council. Vote only in event of a tie

National Members Directory

Each member may only have one vote