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Date News
Feb.2019 Vacancies in Oncology - Trinidad and Tobago
Jan.2019 ESMPE upcoming editions
Jan. 2019 John Mallard Award 2019
Jan. 2019 BMPA Newsletter
Jan. 2019 AFOMP Newsletter
2018 IUPAP Young Scientist Award in Medical Physics 2018
2018 Radiation Protection and Safety in Medical Uses of Ionizing Radiation
2018 IDOS 2019
2018 Announcing the death of Oskar Chomicki, Past President IOMP (2000-2003)
2018 IDMP 2018 Awards
2018 Radiological Emergency and Management (ICONRADEM 2019)
2018 Medical Physics Workforce: A Global Perspective
2018 IDMP 2018 Award -  Extension of deadline for nominations: 28th October 2018
2018 Romanian Training Course on Medical Physics (16th Edition), 28-29 September 2018, Bucharest, Romania
2018 4th Global Forum Medical Devices
2018 SAFRON, August 2018
2018 International Conference on Nuclear and radiological emergency management
2018 Perspectives of Advanced Radiotherapy in Middle Income Countries (PARIMICs)
2018 AAPM IOMP Leadership Meeting
2018 EMF-Med 2018
2018 COST Action BM1309
2018 Workshop Current challenges of patient re-irradiation
2018 International Conference on the Security of Radioactive Material: The Way Forward for Prevention and Detection
2018 International Symposium on Standards, Applications and Quality Assurance in Medical Radiation Dosimetry (IDOS-2019)
2018 AFOMP Newsletter June 2018
2018 56th SAAPMB Congress and School
2018 ICTP - Master of Advanced Studies in Medical Physics
2018IOMP Awards and Honours before WC2018
2018ECMP 2018
2017IUPAP Award Winner
2017IDMP 2017 Awards
2017Latest WHO Publication with involvement from IOMP: List of Priority Medical Devices for Cancer Management
2017WHO launches Framework on integrated People-centric services  See video
2017IDMP 2017
2017 Sad News: Prof. Valeryi Kostilev, President of AMPR
2017 IAEA Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine
2017 Award for Prof. P Sprawls, Co-Editor-in Chief of Medical Physics International
2017New DIRAC Page
2016International Conference on Advances in Radiation Oncology (ICARO2)
2016A Balanced Approach to Radiotherapy
2016 IAEA GC side event 2016 -transition from cobalt
2016IAEA: CHECK, REVIEW AND REPORT - Delivering safe radiotherapy is in your hands
2016SAFRON - A Newsletter on Patient Safety in Radiotherapy
2016 International Conference on Physics in Medicine and Clinical Neuro Electrophysiology (PMCN-2017), March 10-11, 2017 in Bangladesh
2016 Communicating radiation risks in paediatric imaging
2016 IOMP Brief for the IAEA meeting Feb 2016
2016 IUPAP Young Scientist Award in Medical Physics 2016
2015 IOMP President awarded Doctor Honoris Causa
2015 Congratulations to Madan Rehani, PhD, on receiving the 2015 Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging Butterfly Award
2015 World Congress 2015 Abstracts Book now available
2016 European Congress of Medical Physics 2016
2016 47th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Medical Physics (DGMP) e. V. and 19th Annual Meeting of the German Chapter of International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) e. V.
2015 13th Romanian Conference of Medical Physics
2015 From vision to sight: the MRI linac
September 14-15 , 2015
Leeuwenbergh, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2015 Imaging for Saving Kids - the Inside Story about Patient Safety in Paediatric Radiology, 68th World Health Assembly
2015 Japan establishes its DRLs first time: A significant step in patient protection
2015 IOMP announced the IUPAP Young Scientist Awards 2014 and 2015
2015 IOMP releases press release at the World Health Assembly, Geneva
2015 IOMP Announces first group of Honorary members
2015 WHO - Call for Innovative health technologies for low-resource setting
2015 Election results for IOMP ExCom 2015-2018 term
23.01.2015 WC2015 IOMP Travel Awards


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