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Archived Events

1-6 December 2013
RSNA Annual Meeting; Chicago USA
Radiological Society of North America [website]

12 December 2013
Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy :Current Status and Developments ; British Institute of Radiology,The London Deanery,London [website]

12-14 December 2013
13th Asia-Oceania Congress of Medical Physics & 11th South East Asian Congress of Medical Physics; Singapore [website]

18-20 December 2013
20th Iranian Conference on Biomedical Engineering; Tehran, Iran [website]

3-7 November 2013
Engineering and Physical Sciences in Medicine Conference; Perth, Australia. Australasian College of Physical Scientists & Engineers in Medicine (ACPSEM).  [email] || [website]

12 November 2013
CT scanning - An educational update; London UK. British Institute of Radiology. [email] || [website]

14 November 2013
The journey from research to publication; London UK. British Institute of Radiology. [email] || [website]

1-4 September 2013
International Conference on Medical Physics (ICMP); Brighton, UK. A joint venture between The International Organization of Medical Physics (IOMP), the European Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics (EFOMP) and the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM) [email] || [website]

4-8 August 2013
AAPM 55th Annual Meeting; Indianapolis, IN USA
American Association of Physicists in Medicine [email] || [website]

28-29 July 2013
ICSU Bio-Unions Satellite Synposium; Chicheley, UK. [email]

14 March 2013

Finding the actual radiotherapy target; Event organized by the British Institute of Radiology. The event will be hosted in London [website]

22-23 February 2013

Training Course For Radiation Protection fir Staff and Patients in Diagnostic Radiology; Community Service & Continuing Education Center, University of Bahrain. [email]





17 - 18 December 2012

The Effects of Low Doses and Very Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation on Human Health and Biotopes; Lyon, France


11 December 2012
Radiation Protection Masterclass - Burning Issues and Extinguishing the Flames; British Institute of Radiology, U.K.

3 - 7 December 2012
IAEA Int'l Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine - Setting the Scene for the Next Decade; Bonn, Germany

2-6 December 2012
Engineering & Physical Sciences in Medicine Conference (EPSM2012); Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
[website] || [email]

25-30 November 2012
RSNA Annual Meeting; Chicago USA
Radiological Society of North America [website]

6 November 2012
Radiation Protection in CT; British Institute of Radiology, U.K.

28-31 October 2012

ASTRO Annual Meeting; Boston, MA USA

27-31 October 2012
4th Int'l Symposium on Radionuclide Targeted Radiotherapy and Dosimetry (ISTARD); Milan, Italy
in conjunction with the Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) [email]

24 - 27 October 2012

Diagnostic Imaging Workshop - International Scientific Exchange Program (ISEP); Instituto Roffo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. [website] || [email]


4-6 October 2012
Int'l Cancer Imaging Society 12th Annual Teaching Course ; Oxford, UK
[website] || [email]

23-27 September 2012
Principles and Practices of Radiation Safety: Occupational and Environmental Radiation Protection; Boston, MA USA
[website] || [email]

10-12 September 2012

IPEM Medical Physics and Engineering Conference; Oxford U.K., Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine  [website] 

5-8 September 2012
World Molecular Imaging Congress; Dublin, Ireland
[website] || [email]

23-25 August 2012
New Technologies in Modern Radiotherapy; Convention Center, Chulabhorn Research Institute, Bangkok, Thailand
[website] || [email]

20-24 August 2012
Radiological Emergency Planning: Terrorism, Security, and Communication; Boston, MA USA
[website] || [email]

29 July - 2 Aug 2012

AAPM 54th Annual Meeting; Charlotte, NC USA. American Association of Physicists in Medicine [email] || [website]

9-12 July 2012
Dosimetry Certification Board Review Course; San Antonio, TX USA
University of Texas at San Antonio Short Course
[website] || [email]

9-11 July 2012
16th Conference on Medical Image Understanding and Analysis; Swansea, United Kingdom

8-11 July 2012
IWDM 2012: 11th Int'l Workshop on Breast Imaging; Philadelphia, PA USA
Formerly called the International Workshop on Digital Mammography [website] || [email]

7-8 July 2012
The Workshop on Biomedical Image Registration (WBIR 2012); Nashville, TN USA
[website] || [email]

27-30 June 2012
CARS 2012 - Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery; Pisa, Italy
26th International Congress and Exhibition; Joint Congress of CAR / ISCAS / CAD / CMI / EuroPACS
[website] || [email]

24-29 June 2012
AAPM Summer School; San Diego, CA USA
Medical Imaging Using Ionizing Radiation: Quality Control, Dose Measurements and Optimization Strategies

18-21 June 2012
Dosimetry Certification Board Review Course; San Antonio, TX USA
University of Texas at San Antonio Short Course
Repeats July 9-12 [website] || [email]

7-10 June 2012
SIIM 2012 Annual Meeting; Orlando, FL USA
Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine [website] || [email]

6 June 2012
SIIM 2012 Imaging Informatics Professional (IIP) Bootcamp; Orlando, FL USA
Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine [website] || [email]

4-8 June 2012
Radiation Safety Officer Training for Laboratory Professionals; Boston, MA USA
[website] || [email]

28-30 May 2012
3D-HDR Brachytherapy Symposium; Singapore

26-31 May 2012
World Congress of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering; Beijing, China
[website] || [email]

15-18 May 2012
Third European Workshop on Monte Carlo Treatment Planning; Seville, Spain
[website] || [email]

15 May 2012
23rd Meeting of the BIPM Consultative Committee for Ionizing Radiation (CCRI); Sèvres, France
[website] || [email]

14-19 May 2012
Particle Therapy Co-Operative Meeting 51 (PTCOG51); Seoul, Korea

13–18 May 2012
13th Congress of the Int'l Radiation Protection Association (IRPA); Glasgow, Scotland

10-12 May 2012
World Congress of Brachytherapy; Barcelona, Spain

9-13 May 2012
ESTRO 31; Barcelona, Spain

5-11 May 2012
ISMRM 20th Scientific Annual Meeting; Melbourne, Australia
Int'l Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine [website]

4-6 May 2012
State of the Art Techniques: IMRT, IGRT, and SBRT; Las Vegas, NV USA
by ASTRO [website]

24 - 26 April 2012
Workshop on European Population Doses from Medical Exposure; Athens, Greece

21 - 23 April 2012
European Workshop on Education and Training in Medical Radiation Protection; Athens, Greece

20 April 2012
Meeting of the North Central Chapter of the AAPM; Minneapolis, MN USA

18-21 April 2012
SEAAPM Symposium and Scientific Meeting; Atlanta, GA USA
[website] || [email]

14-15 April 2012
Diagnostic Medical Physics Practice Oral Exam; Houston, TX USA
University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Short Course [email]

13-15 April 2012
ASTRO Spring Refresher Course; Chicago, IL USA

12-14 April 2012
Short Course on Monte Carlo Radiotherapy Treatment Planning; Philadelphia, PA USA
[pdf info] || [email]

29-31 March 2012
Meeting of the Southwest Chapter of the AAPM; Oklahoma City, OK USA

29-31 March 2012
Molecular Imaging and Radiotherapy Oncology (MIRO); Vienna, Austria
[website] || [email]

25 - 29 March 2012
Radiobiology & Radiobiological Modelling in Radiotherapy; Wirral, UK

22 March 2012
SIIM Regional Meeting on Practical Imaging Informatics; Long Beach, CA USA
Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine [website] || [email]

17-20 March 2012
2012 AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting; Dallas, TX USA
(Previously known as the ACMP Annual Meeting) Information designed to help medical physicists integrate emerging technologies into the clinical environment, keep abreast of regulatory and accreditation related issues, and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas in support of practice quality improvement. [website]

16-18 March 2012
12th Mexican Symposium on Medical Physics; Oaxaca, Mexico
(formerly listed as March 20-22) [website] || [email]

16-17 March 2012
Quality Assurance in LDR and HDR Brachytherapy; Phoenix, AZ USA
2012 ABS Winter School [website]

12-14 March 2012
EPI2k12: 12th Int'l Conference on Electronic Patient Imaging; Sydney, Australia
[website] || [email]

9-10 March 2012
13th Annual Sun, Sand and Seeds Conference; Boca Raton, FL USA
New Frontiers in Prostate Cancer with a session on Proton Therapy [email]

7-12 March 2012
European Congress of Radiology (ECR); Vienna, Austria

1-3 March 2012
21st Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Brachytherapy Group; Canberra, Australia
[website] || [email]

27 Feb - 2 March 2012
Int'l Conference on Translational Research in Radiation Oncology; Geneva, Switzerland

25-29 February 2012
Winter Institute of Medical Physics; Breckenridge, CO USA

25 February 2012
Symposium of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (SFBAC) Chapter of the AAPM; Walnut Creek, CA USA

23-25 February 2012
SRS / SBRT Scientific Meeting; Carlsbad, CA USA
Hosted by the Radiosurgery Society [website] || [email]

20-24 February 2012
Dosimetry Review Course and Workshop; Toledo, OH USA
[pdf info] || [email]

9th International LOWRAD Conference, 13 - 15 December 2010, Barcelona, Spain.

“The Effects of Low Doses and Very Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation on Human Health and Biotopes”

International Conference on Medical Physics, 17-20 April 2011

The International Organization for Medical Physics (IOMP), the Latin American Association of Medical Physics (ALFIM) and the Brazilian Association of Medical Physics (ABFM) organized the 18th International Conference on Medical Physics: Science and Technology for Health for All - ICMP2011. More information>>

Summer School on Diagnostic Physics in the University of Patras, 17-20 June 2011

The University of Patras Department of Medical Physics organizes this course under the patronage and sponsorship of the International Scientific Exchange Program (ISEP) of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM). The deadline for early registration is 15 April 2011. More information>>

7th International Conference on Biological Physics , 19-24 June 2011

ICBP2011 will be hosted on the campus of the University of California, San Diego, June 19-24, 2011. More information>>